Old Royal Palace at Prague Castle
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The official guide to the Old Royal Palace at Prague Castle. Give your experience a new dimension and take a tour of the palace with a guide that takes your breath away and never tires. This picture guide is created exclusively for tablets and smartphones using brilliant HDR photography with texts, which never tire you. It’s very easy to use thanks to the interactive map and intuitive controls. As a bonus you can also find in this app the hidden and restricted areas. The first 6 pages, including map are now all free! The official guide of the Cathedral of Old Royal Palace at Prague castle. The guide contains over a hundred amazing HDR photographs, which have been specially commissioned for this guide. The texts are entertaining and concise so that you can read everything as you move from place to place. In each paragraph there are highlighted texts showing you the key treasures you should not miss. Inidividual sections have lots of details, which you can open with the touch of a finger. As a bonus, there are also hidden and restricted areas and pictures of the coronation jewels, mainly including St. Wenceslas' crown, sceptre and apple. The picture guide is very easy to use thanks to the informative interactive map. It’s very intuitive to use, you just flick through the pages like a printed guide, you won’t find any confusing buttons here.